Set up in 2018 is my space for all things photography. From my  own children as muses whilst I practiced my trade, onto capturing those special moments with your families. Assignment food and commercial photography whilst I studied photography at night class – through to shooting for a national food brand featuring in supermarket publications.

Today I use it as an online portfolio for family, commercial, portraiture and events. We’ve certainly come a long way from those early days.  The past two years I’ve had somewhat of an extended break from photography, as I took on a more academic career role however the pandemic and lockdown of 2020/21 gave me a whole new perspective. I’m a creatively driven soul, Photography is more than just a passion and being able to earn a living doing this is a privilege.

The remainder of 2021 will see a real shift in my creative work, as well as expanding my photography portfolio; Shortly I’ll be adding my Production designer page – detailing my very exciting work past, present and future within the film and TV Industry.

For more information on anything featured on my website please do feel free to use the ‘About’ page to contact me.

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